Beads, beads, beads...

Beads, beads, beads...

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fairy Garden Mushrooms

We moved to the woods... being surrounded by the tall trees and crackle of the underbrush has brought to mind the fairy and wood sprites that might be living close now.  Of course only if you believe in that sort of thing.  Since I believe that there is so much that we don't see that is really around us, I have been working on making fairy things like this magical mushroom!

 Of course you may think that a red mushroom seems more magical!

They both have a wire in the stem to keep them standing!  Check them out on MsPlace Etsy shop!

Thursday, March 16, 2017


We have moved to a smaller house that is all on one floor.  The house was built in 1988 and was not updated much since it was built. The past two months we renovated the formal living room, dining room and kitchen.

My decorating style is eclectic.  I love texture and color.  I have a few collections of pottery and other antiques.  I am a thrift store junkie and love to repurpose décor and furniture. Most of the treasures that I have repurposed have been painted with lots of color.

I love the Joanna Gaines open concept farmhouse look and have enjoyed the current home décor pins on pinterest.  The dilemma for me is that my collections and colorfully painted treasures would not quite match the trends I was being drawn to. I kept telling my girls that I just didn't think I could do "gray" and "white"!  I was so used to "creams" and "warm beiges".  So as we got closer to actually choosing our colors I gave in to Joanna Gaines and Pinterest!  I do feel that we pulled together what we had and have a new look with our old much loved treasures!

The formal living room, dining room and kitchen were three separate rooms when we bought the house.  We rarely used the formal living room.  The dining room was used but when all 8 of our immediate family was together it was a bit crammed.

The above photo is of the formal living room as seen from the entryway. It is a long narrow room with a corner fireplace as seen in the photo below.

The dining room is next to the formal living room in the front of the house.
The wallpaper is mauve and navy.  The carpet is a pink beige. Beautiful back in the day! 
The kitchen is behind the formal living room and can be seen through the door from the dining room in the picture above.

The kitchen has medium oak cabinets and a formica counter top and back splash that goes up the wall to the bottom of the upper cabinets. 

The above picture shows the other end of the kitchen.  The two doors to the left are a small broom closet with a 16 inch door and a pantry.

We lived in the house for a year before deciding just how we wanted to change the layout of these three rooms.  We wanted the open concept so the wall between the living room and dining room was removed.   The wall between the kitchen and the living room was also opened up.  That wall is a support wall so a beam had to be added.  And unfortunately we did not find any "shiplap"!  Haha I think that is a Texas thing?

So here is our home now!

The living room into the dining room.  I switched places so that the dining room table is in front of the bay window.  With the table open to 8 there is so much more room to enjoy being around it.

The kitchen has fewer cabinets.  The cabinet to the left of the sink is now open shelves.  Making the pantry bigger makes up for that lost cabinet space.  My very talented husband designed and built a range hood cover around the two cabinet doors above the stove.  We used Kenley Gray on the cabinets and Celery Root on the walls.  The paints are Sherwin Williams.  The trim is painted with a semi-gloss white.  I love how it looks!

My pantry is wonderful.  I can see everything and reach everything!  Yay!

We added a peninsula with a breakfast bar to the area between the living room and kitchen.

So the before and after...




Renovating is not for the faint of heart.  It is unnerving to have people around your home 8 to 10 hours a day.  It is also overwhelming to pick colors and designs.  I referred to Pinterest and was thankful that it is available to save ideas.  We are very happy with our decisions.  We enjoy the "Front Room" so much more now.  I was able to keep my collections and warm colored treasures even with the grays and whites! 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Herb Garden!

For Christmas I got the best gift from my husband!  He found an indoor herb garden.  I love it!

He purchased it from Amazon that you can find in the link below.

So far the dill, basil, thyme and mint have sprouted.  The curley parsley and chives have not.  The bottom is full of water and added nutrients.  The light raises up as the plants grow taller.  I am looking forward to being able to harvest fresh herbs soon!  

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Trash to Treasure

In cleaning out my husbands parents home we came across an old upright piano.  They were about to chop it up and throw it in the trash  pile when I noticed the detailed wood work on the front of it.  They were able to save the piece with that detail for me.

We were able to carry it from Pennsylvania to Delaware with other treasures we found there!  It was a few months before I was able to re-purpose it into a coat rack.  I had two colors of Annie Sloan's   chalk paint left from previous projects.  I had a small jar of a salmon color that was a gift from taking a class on using Annie Sloan paints.  It was not a color that I thought I would use so I painted it as the base coat that would show through just a little after sanding.

What I love about the chalk paint is that you do not have to prep the surface that you are painting. The soon to be coat rack had crackled from age so I wanted some of that texture to show.  The top coat is a cream color. I also used a burnt sienna acrylic paint wash to give it an antique finish.

We found coat hooks at Hobby Lobby.  Love that store!

So ta-da!

So happy to have a piece of history hanging in our entry way!

Wishing you a very happy 2017!

Sunday, April 5, 2015


New life! Eternity! Rebirth! Life is all about that this time of year! Here in the Mid Atlantic area of the US we are waiting for it with baited breath.  The winter coolness doesn't want to go away!  The daffodils and crocuses are coming up anyway!  Thankfully!

I have created something new too!  A scarab that I made was featured in a piece designed by Meg Mullen of Bead My Love in the February issue of Bead and Button.  I have had a great time with selling cabochons on Etsy and making them for Meg to sell at the bead shows.  It has been fascinating to see the response to the different colors of the beads.

I had a request from an Etsy customer to make a scarab bead into a pendant.  I worked on a few different ways to do that and came up with this! Just add a ribbon and you have a pendant!

Scarab Pendant Purple

The back has details too!

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Princess Party

We are three friends who spend time together watching Downton Abbey.   We have had Downton Abbey marathons watching a season at a time to catch up.  One episode was a dinner party where the women were all wearing tiaras.  It made me want to wear a crown.  All of our lives we are treated to dreams of princesses... Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Diana!  Well life isn't going to pass us by without having a little dream ourselves!

I decided to get tiaras for the three of us.  Amazon here I come! 

We wore them one of the days we were having a DA marathon.
Linda and Pat
Linda and Me
It was our turn to do some entertaining so I decided to have a Coronation Party!  It was so much fun to set the table for a formal dinner.
The tiaras were presented with roses for each of us!
Our husbands had the honor of crowning us!  With lots of smirking from them of course!
Princess Linda and John
Princess Pat and Scott
Princess Marian and Keith
Linda and Pat brought the cutest favors!
And the most beautiful flowers!

 It was so much fun! 
Live well, laugh often and love much!  That is what we did for Valentine's Day!
 Hope you enjoyed yours!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Cabs in My Etsy Shop

As seen in February Bead and Button magazine!
Stone Patina Scarab

Blue Bells

Bottom of the Sea

Long Face